The virtual office for your remote team

Get back these watercooler conversations. Connect with your remote or distributed team through voice. Now with screensharing. Beta

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Why Lito is awesome

An office has rooms, Lito has channels

Just like different rooms in an office different channels are a great way to have dedicated spaces for private conversation or big all hands meetings.

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Now share your screen from your browser Beta

Desktop screensharing with one click. Works in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome (Extension needed).

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No downloads. Just a link.

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1. Create your team

Create your unique team URL. It can be whatever you want (Like your company name or project name).

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2. Share the link

Invite your co-workers by email, chat or via Slack. To join just click the link.

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3. Start talking

Guests join immediately because Lito works in the browser. No download needed. Also, guests don’t need accounts.

Who we are?

We are just three dudes having fun building a SaaS since 2018.



Marketer & Designer



Frontend Developer



Backend Developer

And this is how we fought loneliness, inefficient communication and collaboration as a remote team.

Lito is our virtual office. It’s a conference call tool like Zoom or Skype. The clue, the call is always on no host required. It has different rooms — called channels. Just like in a real office, you can only be available in one room at a time. Every time we started working we put on our headphones and turned on our microphones. Then joined Lito, choose a channel and started talking with each other. Talking to each other instead of texting lets us feel more connected and brought back these casual water cooler discussions we all missed. Therefore, we hope it brings value to your remote team, too.

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