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  • Launched Lito for Desktop (03 Oct 2019)
    We’ve launched Lito back in January this year. Since then, your valuable feedback helps us to constantly improve Lito to make it the best experience talking with your remote teammates daily.
  • Here’s how Melhor Plano improved their team’s communication (05 Jun 2019)
    Melhor Plano is a 26 person company from Brazil founded in 2016. They help you save on mobile, internet, pay-TV and landline plans by finding the best prices for you. We spoke with their co-founder Pedro Israel about why they decided to build a remote friendly company and how they are using Lito to improve the way their teams communicate.
  • How to Deal With False Urgency on Slack (07 Apr 2019)
    Tuesday 6 PM, a developer is working on a task, when all of a sudden an uncritical question comes up. To not forget the issue related to the work item the developer uses command + tab to switch to Slack and posts the question in a public channel with several members. The developer is not expecting to get an answer today but anytime soon. Immediately after posting the question the first person response comes in as it was not implied how urgent the problem is.
  • 6 Collaboration Tools Our Distributed Team Uses to Stay Connected, Productive and to Feel Closer (12 Feb 2019)
    Remote work is tough, we all know that. No doubt that there are indeed advantages like the freedom to manage your time, but distributed teams are harder to manage, and the right collaboration tools and communication are essential to making it work. Here’s a list of the Tools we use daily to keep our team productive, more connected, and happy.
  • How we fought loneliness, inefficient communication and collaboration as a distributed team (03 Jan 2019)
    A hack for more efficient remote team collaboration. For us working remotely for three years with a completely distributed team of 3 people today and 7 people in 2016/17 by the time we built thangs is quite an experience.

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