Melhor Plano is a 26 person company from Brazil founded in 2016. They help you save on mobile, internet, pay-TV and landline plans by finding the best prices for you.

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We spoke with their co-founder Pedro Israel about why they decided to build a remote friendly company and how they are using Lito to improve the way their team’s communicate.

Why have you decided to build a company that’s remote friendly?

We want to explore the advantages and freedom of a remote team. But I would say we are not 100% remote, most people live with 100 km^2 and get together at least once a month.

What’s the biggest benefit you see to working remotely?

More freedom to hire. No waste of time commuting. More flexibility for people to travel. Forces us to focus on individual performance contrary to time spent at the office, also reducing politics.

What’s your biggest struggle with working remotely?

Creating a bond among people.

What location do your employees primarily work from?

They work from home.

What is the second most common location for your employees to work from?

The second most common location people work from are co-working spaces.

Why have you decided to start using Lito with your company?

Improve communication and to create a better sense of team.

Have you noticed any changes on your team since starting with Lito?

We have been using this kind of tool since the beginning, we believe that is a fundamental thing for a remote team to communicate properly. Lito has made it a bit easier for us to communicate, as a result, people communicate more often.

Credit photo: Melhor Plano – Instagram